// Drums & Vocals


Darin Lugar is the Singer and Drummer for the Led Zeppelin Musical Tribute band, Zeppapotapuss. Darin was born in Long Beach, CA and lived in San Diego, CA until the age of 6 when he moved to Mesa, AZ. After 2 years in Mesa, Darin started to learn to play drums but lost interest after about a year of lessons. Darin then fell in love with sports and didn’t play drums again until his Junior year of High School. Soon after high school he joined his first band.  Darin played drums for the bands, Ixtapa, Krystal Vision, Frankly Scarlett and Muscle until the late 1990’s. In 2001 Darin turned his attention to singing and fronting the bands Triple XL and Swinging Jezuz. Since 2014 Darin has combined the two talents into being the Singer and Drummer for the Best Led Zeppelin Music Tribute band in the world.  


// Bass & Vocals


Jim King is a singer/songwriter, born in upstate New York, raised in Connecticut and California until he moved to the Valley of the Sun in his senior year of high school.  He has been in numerous Arizona bands including Ravages of Time, Lizard Shake, Smakhead, Lazy Jade, Triple XL, the Mojo Farmers and now is the bass player for Zeppapotapuss.  His deep musical roots have led him to play bass & guitar with dozens of Arizona based musicians, across many genres over the years. The Zeppapotapuss project reflects not only his respect for the work of Led Zeppelin but his long-time friendships with the other members of Zeppapotapuss.



// Guitars


Bill is the other lead and Rhythm guitar player in Zeppapotapuss. Bill is in an Arizona native and has played guitar in various rock and blues bands since the 1990’s. Bill studied music at Mesa Community college and has most recently played in his original band,” The Grovers” before joining Zeppapotapuss in late 2018. Bill counts Jimmy Page as a primary inspiration as a guitar player from a young age. Bill lives in Mesa, AZ with his wife and 4 kids. 


Jason Southard

//Guitars & Vocals



Jim Kerr

// Guitars, Mandolin & Vocals


Steve Walter

// Harmonicas